We believe there is no such thing as “fearless.”

We are all afraid.

Afraid our dreams are not realistic. Afraid our voices are too loud. Afraid that our work will be ridiculed, or worse, ignored. Afraid of the rejection. Afraid of the ever-present potential for failure. Afraid we will be too accommodating, too bitchy, too strong, too bold, too weak, too inexperienced, too overqualified, too young, too old, too feminine, too masculine, too soft, too edgy, too fill-in-your-own-blank.

When that anxiety bubbles up inside our stomachs, the din of doubt echoes in our minds and our hearts clinch with insecurity, we nonetheless place a bet on ourselves and jump. It is only in the jumping that our greatness, our potential, and our magnificence is exposed.

This moment is what we call the Fear Paradox.

jess-nicoleWe have attended many conferences and continue to feel inspiration by all that is happening for women globally. We have listened, taken notes, asked questions, collected feedback and witnessed a common thread. Most were thirsty for something new. The inspiring and motivating would often leave many overwhelmed and deflated, unable to activate from inspiration. We have committed to seek a different outcome. 

No more pink-washed events.

In our quest to create a one-of-a-kind experience this summer, we have cultivated a program with deeply intentional motives to expand, experiment and execute in five ways: ‘Show Up,’ ‘Team Up’, ‘Zero In,’ ‘Jump’ and ‘Jump Again.’

The Fear Paradox Summit is a three-day experience designed to remove friction from the path of innovation, to inspire and lead women closer to their fears, through the anxiety abyss, pushing paradoxical fearlessness to a new level of success. Hosted by Ms.Tech and The SimplyBe Agency, along with a couple of queens, a clutch skeleton crew and a band of stars – together we are cultivating a community, a collective and an alliance with women entrepreneurs, futurists, executives, artists and technologists from across the country.

 Jump with us,

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