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What is your greatest fear? Fear of not reaching my full potential. Why have you chosen your professional path? I like to solve problems. Professionally, I’ve gravitated to roles that allow me to create and build. Being a founder, designer, producer and director, gives me endless problems to solve. What drives you? It’s the possibility of creating something better than what already exists. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken professionally? Quitting a steady career to build a company. How did that risk serve you? Taking that risk gave me a chance to establish the company that I started. What excites you the most about attending/participating in the Fear Paradox Summit? I’m excited to be a part of Fear Paradox Summit to surround myself with women who collectively want to put themselves out there. It does seem that the company you … Read More


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Leslee Cohen has over 20 years experience as a corporate and securities lawyer at large law firms. Trained at Wall Street securities boutique firm. Formed and led Women’s Initiative at major Chicago law firm for over 10 years. Currently she is the principal at Hershman Cohen LLC, a business law boutique firm. Her firm has a thriving securities law practice, helping clients who are raising private funds or compensating service providers with equity in order to grow their businesses. As well they assist clients in starting new enterprises and purchasing real estate. What is your greatest fear? Personally, anything happening to my children.  Professionally, not making a mark on this world. Why have you chosen your professional path? I was raised to be a lawyer so that wasn’t really a “choice.”  The choice to leave the big firm world to … Read More


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Michael Donnelly has been planning memorable experiences since her 7th birthday party at Leaps n’ Bounds. As CEO of FWD Collective and her consulting firm Red Suede Shoes, she carries the same tenacity as her 7-year-old self, and leads her events and team with the idea that “business gets done when people have fun.” Michael has been the force behind some of the country’s most popular large-scale tech and business events, including Techweek, FUND Conference, and her most recent endeavor, the VentureFWD (For Women & Diversity) Summit which has expanded into the FWD Collective. FWD Collective is dedicated to professional inclusion, hosting summits internationally featuring women, P.O.C., and under-represented communities. FWD Collective events connect emerging entrepreneurs to established business professionals by facilitating discussions on business development, venture capital, and building teams. Popping up events in as many cities as possible … Read More

Marina Renée Payne #TAKEHEARTTRIBE

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What is your greatest fear? Before having David (4) and Miranda (2), I would have said that my greatest fear is mediocrity.  If I fail, then I know I need to make changes and adapt.  On the other hand, if I’m doing everything within my power to accomplish something and only treading water, it becomes far trickier to determine where the changes need to happen.  Now that I’m a mom, my worst fear is if something terrible were to happen to my kids, especially if I’m not there to protect or help them. Why have you chosen your professional path? Historically speaking, I have never really been drawn to adrenaline sports.  Last summer when my husband convinced me to go skydiving with him, it changed my life.  The amazing rush I felt free-falling and then parachuting down was unmatched.  The … Read More


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When it comes to Tiffany Louise, she has a simple philosophy: we are all here to shine in our own unique way; that is how we light up the world. As a Professional Coach, Therapist, and Speaker, she has devoted her life to helping clients change the stories they create for themselves. Tiffany teaches people how to shift their thoughts, feelings, and actions thus creating more love, light, and joy in their lives. Tiffany obtained undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, specializing in behavioral health. She is trained as a psychotherapist and licensed as a Clinical Social Worker. Her holistic approach to coaching is grounded in her years of experience utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing interventions. Over the past decade, she has facilitated in-demand workshops, lectures, and groups in some of the leading … Read More


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What is your greatest fear? Not growing as a human being. Why have you chosen your professional path? Because it’s one totally aligned with my own personal growth and is a business I can authentically build based on my intuition and deepest passions. What drives you? My passion for allowing people to be seen and helping them live to their fullest potential. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken professionally? Quitting my six-figure corporate finance executive role to start my own passion-aligned business. How did that risk serve you? Words can’t express the incredible-ness of taking the risk… forever grateful to have faced my fears (and support from a few special people to do it). I am now living my most authentic, fun, passion filled life. Yes, there are challenges and it’s damn hard work, but it’s so different to face … Read More

Why Fear is the Best Growth Hack

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Raise your hand if you’ve been referred to (or heard another woman referred to) as “fearless.” What does that mean? Well, fearless is literally defined as “lacking fear.” And “fearlessness” is a growing trend right now. The idea, bolstered by messaging from every direction (think the “Fearless Girl” statue in the Financial District of Manhattan), seems to imply that fear is bad. If being without fear is good and to be desired, then to have fear must be a losing proposition. But fear isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s fear that drives us forward in the face of adversity and propels us to – and beyond – heights we never thought were possible. Fear is a growth hack. Here’s the thing: in many circles, the term “fearless” is misused. It is used to describe people who charge forward, despite inertia, seemingly insurmountable challenges, … Read More


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Cayla Weisberg

Cayla Weisberg is a Partner at InvestHER Ventures, an early stage investment firm that partners with and invests in female entrepreneurs. As a familiar face in the Chicago startup community, Cayla has built a track record for scaling startups and providing a voice for women in tech. She is focused on sourcing strong female founders with technology enabled solutions for large markets.  Cayla’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship began young, having launched a concierge shopping business at 17 years old. At 19, she joined forces with a fashion wholesaler, winning the business of national retail conglomerates throughout undergrad. Post grad, Cayla worked for one of Fortune’s “100 Fastest-Growing Companies” as assistant director, achieving record breaking sales performance for three consecutive years. Following this success, she transitioned into the startup ecosystem, leading business development initiatives for two fast-growing tech companies at a venture … Read More

Debra Giunta #TakeHeartTribe

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Debra Giunta is the Founder and Director of Design Dance. Debra grew up dancing in the south suburbs of Chicago and has over 25 years of dance experience.  She became director of her first dance education program in her hometown at the age of 16 and has been teaching, choreographing, directing and mentoring ever since. As a dance educator for over 16 years, Debra has trained students ages 2-70 in a variety of dance disciplines including tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and creative movement.  In 2008, Debra founded Design Dance as a way to bring dance education to children in all communities regardless of age, experience level, background and income through partnership with schools and community centers. I have countless fears I deal with in all aspects of life! Professionally, I’m constantly afraid of being behind. And sometimes that’s good! That … Read More

Do you have FOWO: Fear of working out? It’s REAL y’all!

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Exercise is one of the most potent stress-reducers—and yet, the irony is that it’s the one thing many of us don’t make time for. For many of us the idea of working out can create enough stress that you skip it—and miss out on a boatload of mind and body benefits. If this is you, The APA Stress in AmericanSurvey found that 62% of adults who exercise to help manage stress found it extremely effective. However, the survey also reported that it remains a challenge for many: No better medicine to get over FOWO than a joyful ride with the Fear Paradox community SoulCycle believes that fitness can be joyful and get over FOWO by climbing, jogging, sprinting, dancing, setting intentions, and breaking through boundaries—the best part: You do it together, as a community. SoulCycle is indoor cycling re-invented. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to transform … Read More