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Four Tracks


the fortuitous founder

“Can I really do this?”

Raising money, managing money, training a team, improving her product, selling her product, marketing her product, fielding complaints, preventing daily tech meltdowns – it’s safe to say Francesca is overwhelmed.  Her mentors are strong, her network is growing and the press keeps coming, but deep down she fears she’ll flop.  She loses sleep over making payroll, her heart gets bruised each time a customer asks for a refund and she overanalyzes every investor email. “Can I really do this?,” she constantly asks herself.  Despite the mental chatter and the physical anxiety, Francesca wakes up every day and keeps moving. And so the Paradox continues.


the adamant artist

“Am I even worthy?”

The freedom and the creativity of being a freelancer inspires Adrianna. The story of each day is different, and she loves being the narrator of her own life. While she feels fulfilled by her day-to-day projects and enjoys working with her clients, Adrianna can’t seem to break the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle of ‘trading time for dollars.’ She needs to update her website, raise her prices, expand her network to a new market and take a freaking vacation. She knows in her heart she’s destined for a big and abundant life, but questions her talent — and her worthiness — too.  And so the Paradox remains.


the elevated executive

“I don’t want to make noise.”

Elizabeth is damn good at her job, but she’ll never admit it.  She doesn’t have an MBA like some of her colleagues and focuses a lot on what she’s “missing.” Elizabeth has incredible ideas, many of which are counterintuitive to what the rest of her team is doing, but doesn’t speak up. “I don’t want to make too much noise.” She’s afraid of being perceived as argumentative, or even worse – bitchy. And even though she knows she is well overdue for a promotion, she can’t bring herself to ask her boss about it. She would certainly never want to be seen as entitled to recognition for her hard work. Her intuition is telling her she deserves it, but nonetheless Elizabeth remains silent. And so the Paradox lives on.


the wishful wantrepreneur

“But I’ve got bills to pay.

Whitney’s been working on her ‘big idea’ for two years. She’s got her product framework, the financial model and even market research in the can, but she still won’t leap. It’s hard for Whitney to take herself seriously as an entrepreneur when her IT consulting job takes up most of her life, and the golden handcuffs of that bi-monthly paycheck keep her consciously on lockdown. She desperately wants to quit her job and pursue her passions. She knows in her gut that she’s got all the right pieces in place to make her entrepreneurial dreams a reality. However, there’s a voice inside that keeps telling Whitney: “But you’ve got bills to pay.”  And so the Paradox thrives.

She is not fearless — She slays her fears.

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