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YWCA Chicago YShop!

YShop is an online store managed by YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. YShop offers a curated selection of goods and services, where a portion of each purchase goes to benefit the YWCA and the communities that they support. YShop gives you the opportunity to buy the things you love, and to spread love through the things you buy. YShop is a place where consumers can make great purchases with their hard-earned dollars while helping make real positive changes in the world. We call this the “Power of the Purse.” We can harness the powerful force of consumerism and use it to empower our local communities.

The Tulle Project

Katmandu Yogi
The Dress Reserve

YASOU skin care
Reddy Set Yoga!

Feminine Comique
The Stork Bag
Mindful Indulgences

Tasteful Manners

Ari Rose Body Care

DoTerra Oils
Halsted Eye Boutique
Steve Cozart Photography